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Although each home builder, renovator or window manufacturer will have different cost structures and mark-ups on the materials they buy, the following examples will demonstrate the potential return on investment for installing energy efficient ECO GLASS Heat Mirror® windows.

As the chart below illustrates, the initial investment to install ECO GLASS HM windows is $6,780 based on a home size of 4,000 sq. ft. and window area of 600 sq. ft. This is more expensive than Low-E Glass, however, when the annual energy savings realized with ECO GLASS HM is factored in, the return on investment is paid back in less than five years. The annual energy savings will keep on growing as the cost of energy rises so there are also long term savings to be realized.


Averages Low-E Glass ECO GLASS / HM
Home Size 4,000 sq ft 4,000 sq ft
Windows 600 sq ft 600 sq ft
Per Cent 15% 15%
Glass Price (Retail) $5,460 $12,240
House Price $800k - $1,000K $800k - $1,000K
ECO GLASS | HM Investment   $6,780
Annual Energy Savings   $1,400
Payback in Years   4.84