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Although Commercial Glaziers will have different cost structures and mark-ups on the materials they buy, the following examples will demonstrate the potential return on investment for installing energy efficient ECO GLASS / HM windows.

Airport, Texas

Heat Mirror Glass vs Conventional Double Glazing
Glass: 31,000 sq ft

The payback was immediate and created significant annual energy savings.

Airport, Texas  
Incremental Glass Cost $93,000
HVAC Savings* $364,500
Capital Cost Savings $271,500
Annual Energy Savings $8,000
* 81 tons @ $4,500/ton

High School, Pennsylvania

Heat Mirror Glass vs Low-E Glass

The High School in Pennsylvania weighed the difference between installing Low-E Glass or ECO GLASS HM. When the savings on the HVAC system were factored in, the annual energy savings created a return on investment of 6.49 years. Plus on-going energy costs and savings will be realized after the payback period is completed.

High School, Pennsylvania Low-E Glass HM Glass Difference
Glass Cost $101,067 $304,057 $202,990
HVAC Savings $0 ($88,754) ($88,754)
Totals $101,067 $215,303 $114,236
Annual Energy Costs $43,782 $26,192 $17,590

McDonald's Playplaces

Denver, Colorado  
Marginal cost of ECO-style Glass $7,013
Reduced HVAC Costs $5,715
Net Marginal Cost of ECO-style Glass $1,298
Projected Annual Energy Savings $1,748
Financial Payback Period 9 months
Ten-Year Savings $16,169

Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is retrofitting its 6,500 windows as part of a total program to generate energy savings. They selected an ECO Glass style of insulating glass with Heat Mirror. Glass performance will be "tuned" based on builidng exposure. An R-5 Glass and an R-8 Glass were selected both filled with krypton to create two super-insulating cavities. Heat Mirror film selection will optimally manage solar heat gain and reduce demands on the heating and cooling system. (Improving window performance was identified as one of eight key projects to achieve the total energy savings goal.)

Heat Mirror technology’s 30-year track record of proven reliability was a critical factor in its being selected for such an iconic building retrofit.



New York, New York  
Windows 6,500
Glass Thermal Performance R-5 and R-8
Expected Performance:  
Projected Annual Energy Savings $4 Million
Projected Annual Operating Cost Savings $400,000
Payback 3 years
CO2 Reduction over 15 years (metric tons) 105,000