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ECO GLASS / HM offers superior performance and an excellent return on investment.

For Architects, Consulting Engineers and Building Owners/Developers who are committed to sustainable building, incorporating ECO GLASS / HM into your project design and development will provide dramatically superior performance:

  • the highest insulating values
  • the most comfort factors
  • the most LEED points

Energy Efficiency

The superior insulating values available with ECO GLASS / HM dramatically reduce energy needs and ongoing costs which in turn generates an excellent return on investment. For example, typical commercial or residential windows have R-Values of R-2 to R-4. With ECO GLASS / HM it is possible to achieve values ranging R-5 to R-14 and higher.

Using ECO GLASS / HM products also means a smaller HVAC system will be required, which further reduces capital costs and accelerates return on investment.

ROI Examples

Although the return on investment will vary for each project, there are a few examples that will demonstrate the potential payback that can be expected for Commercial and Residential applications.