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Choose to save energy. Choose to increase comfort and productivity. Choose ECOGLASS/HM – Dual Plus, Quad or Superquad.

We manufacture ECOGLASS/HM with one, two or three Heat Mirror® films to achieve insulating values up to R-20. It’s your choice, of course.  No Other Glass Does That!

1” ECOGLASS/HM Dual Plus – R9

ECOGLASS/HM Dual Plus is made with a single layer of Heat Mirror® film laid between two glass lites. The cavities can be filled with argon or krypton gas. Choose LowE glass and fill the cavities with krypton to achieve the highest insulating values for Dual Plus. R9.

Our product line of ECOGLASS / HM88, ECOGLASS / HMTC88 and ECOGLASS / HMSC75 offer high transmittance, low reflectance glass. These films allow for high light transmittance without sacrificing performance. Common applications include residential, retail space, schools and commercial buildings where architects are looking for a clear appearance.
With units as small as 1¼” overall depth, COG values of R-9.4 can be achieved with a SHGC of .29 and visible light transmission of 54%.



1.5” ECOGLASS/HM Quad – R-15

ECOGLASS/HM Quad is made with two layers of Heat Mirror® film laid between two glass lites. Filled with krypton, you can achieve insulating values up to R-15. Because film is essentially weightless, a second Heat Mirror film can be added for higher insulating performance. (U-value 0.068).




2” ECOGLASS/HM Super Quad – R-20

ECOGLASS/HM Super Quad is made with three layers of Heat Mirror® film laid between two glass lites creating four air spaces. Filled with krypton and xenon gas, you can achieve insulating values up to R-20. (U-value 0.05).

It’s the most energy-efficient glazing product in the world.






Architect Information Binder

For the Architect or Consulting Engineer who is committed to sustainable and integrated building design, download our Architect Information Binder. Many more details, including performance effectiveness charts, are provided for ECO GLASS/ HM products.

Heat Mirror® Film is Recognized and Used Around the World

Recognized by Popular Science magazine as one of the “Top 100 Inventions of the Millennium,” Heat Mirror insulating glass has been used around the world in state-of-the-art buildings—from single-family homes to high-profile projects like the Empire State Building.