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Energy Savings


Buildings use more energy than industry or transportation. (Architecture 2030) Conventional office buildings clad with curtain wall have fenestration areas of over 50%. (RAIC.org)

70% of energy loss occurs in windows and doors. 90% of window heat loss occurs through the glass.

By 2035 approximately 75% of the built environment will be either new or renovated. You can choose to make a difference.

Save Energy - up to 30%

Save up to 30% on heating and cooling costs with ECOGLASS/HM.


A unique feature of ECO GLASS/ HM is that it can be "tuned" to accommodate a different set of environmental conditions, producing optimum performance levels while maintaining a consistent visual appearance around a building. Six different films allow fine tuning for the performance characteristics required.

North and East elevations are normally treated identically to maximize natural light transmission while enhancing insulating performance.

South and West elevations take into account shading coefficient while observing a high daylight transmission.

Skylight insulated glass specifications emphasize high light transmission, low solar heat gain and maximum insulation.

It's all about superior performance.

Meeting Eco Energy Needs

Each project is different with varying eco energy needs. We can help define ECO GLASS/ HM properties that will best meet your LEED and energy saving requirements.

Please Contact Us so we can assist in helping to meet your green build needs. Once we’ve reviewed the information supplied for your project we will contact you.

Architect Information Binder

For the Architect or Consulting Engineer who is committed to sustainable and integrated building design, download our Architect Information Binder. Many more details, including performance effectiveness charts, are provided for ECO GLASS/ HM products.