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If ever there was a need for a superior insulating glass, this is it. The raw beauty of Fogo Island is accompanied by some pretty raw winds and weather.

ECO GLASS / HM was the perfect solution.

The Fogo Island Inn is scheduled to open in spring 2013. It is intended to become one of the world’s great rural inns and will be a showcase for local culture as well as being an economic engine for the islands. All of the surpluses from the Fogo Island Inn belong to the Community. The Inn is also intended to be a focal point for social life on the island. In addition to its 29 guest rooms, the Inn will house a gallery, a heritage library named for Dr Leslie Harris, and in partnership with the National Film Board, Canada’s first English language e-cinema.

The Fogo Island Inn is designed by Gander native Todd Saunders who has been named one of the world’s top architects under 40. Jim Case of Sheppard Case Architects based in St. John’s, is the managing architect on the project. In addition, a Fogo Island based team of architects and other professionals are dedicated to bringing the Inn to life. The Inn is being built by local carpenters who are bringing their traditional talents and local building techniques to bear on this very contemporary wooden structure.

ENWAVE THEATRE, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto


The Enwave Theatre at Toronto's Harbourfront Centre combines the high R-Value properties of ECO GLASS / HM with innovative use of Building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) technology.

From a 1926 ice house to a 416-seat threatre, the Enwave Theatre is a unique blend of technology and art. The three-story glass envelope on the north, east and west sides of the facility provides acoustic insulation as well as energy savings. Art depicting the history of Lake Ontario is embedded in the glass.

Innovative thinking by Toronto Harbourfront Centre and Internat Energy Solutions and the artistic vision of Canadian artist, Sarah Hall led to a remarkable blending of art and science to create energy and save energy in a truly unique project.

Toronto Focus magazine says, "This retrofit is generating a significant reduction in the building's energy consumption, carbon production and cost of operation. In addition, the extreme heat gains and thrermal transfer that were characteristic of the envelope's performance have been dramically reduced. The transformation of the Enwave Theatre provides a stunning example of how technology, a commitment to environmental sustainability and artistic creativity can be beautifully matched."



ECO GLASS / HM was a natural selection for a project devoted to showcasing how building solutions can incorporate a range of technologies to achieve energy efficiency.

The entire project included walls, roof, windows, frame & floors, cladding and screening as well as heating and cooling systems.

The building envelope at Evergreen Brick Works—its walls, insulation, facade and windows—is airtight, highly insulated and built to last, resulting in 34% annual energy savings and a 14-tonne reduction in CO2 emissions.


All windows are double-glazed, with a layer of Heat Mirror, a transparent film which reflects radiated heat, suspended between the panes. Combined, these provide an insulation value of R-8, compared to R-3 or lower in a typical condominium building.



The Ontario Association of Architects knows the value of ECO GLASS / HM. They incorporated ECO GLASS / HM for good reasons - energy savings as well as comfort.

Weldon Law Building, Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS

Retrofit Project

Architect: DSRA Architecture
Glazing Contractor: Markland Associates

Originally completed in 1966, the Weldon Law Building at Dalhousie University was in need of new windows to improve the building's energy performance. The southern glazing was especially problematic, as the spaces tended to overheat as a result of older glazing technologies. The window replacement project evolved into a complete envelope rejuvenation, which included taking down the existing stonework, replacing the backing wall, creating a new curtain wall system that isolates the structure from the exterior, and adding new insulation and thermal membrane. This type of work extends the life of the building as well as lowers operational costs in the long run.

ECOGLASS, the alternative spec, was chosen after sustainability considerations. A combination of ECOGLASS/HM88 with Krypton (R-Value: R-5.5) on the North and East elevations and ECOLGASS/SC75 with Krypton (R-Value: R-9.1) on the South and West elevations.

Monetary Times Historic Building, Ryerson University, Toronto, ON

Retrofit Project In Progress

The Department of Civil Engineering Building, Monearty Times, at Ryerson University is getting a retrofit. ECO Insulating Glass Inc. has been selected to upgrade the glass from R-2 to our high performance ECOGLASS HM66.

ECOGLASS HM66 construction will include 6mm Cardinal LoE³-366 on the outboard lite (loE on surface #2) Heat Mirror (HM66) film and 6mm Clear for the inboard lite. ECOGLASS HM 66 with Krypton gas fill delivers an insulating value of R-6.33. With three times the insulating value, they will see a considerable improvement in energy performance.

Built by the Monetary Times Printing Company in 1931. Purchased from the Department of Public Works in 1966 by Ryerson Polytechnic Institute, the Monetary Times building is a heritage site.


Perfect Retrofits, Burlington, ON

More Retrofit Projects In Progress

A trio of buildings developed a problem with another brand of IG Unit. They were breaking down and not delivering the increased R-Values promised. ECO Insulating Glass is tasked with replacing the failed IG Units over a scheduled period of time.

The challenge is to match the architectural look so it doesn’t look like a patchwork quilt. Equally important, the new ECOGLASS/HM units are a perfect match. Take a look.

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