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About Us

ECO Insulating Glass Inc. manufacturers glass with superior insulating performance for sustainable, energy efficient buildings. ECOGLASS/HM allows architects and building owners to use less energy and lose less energy improving the quality of the built environment as well as the planet.

ECOGLASS/HM is a 30-year old, proven insulating glass technology offering industry-leading energy savings in a standard light-weight IGU. ECO Insulating Glass Inc. is licensed as an IGU fabricator of Southwall Energy Technologies’ Heat Mirror® high performance insulating film. In the beginning our primary focus was on the residential marketplace where we have thousands of satisfied homeowners across Canada. With a solid foundation in production, quality assurance and marketing we are well positioned to support the commercial marketplace in North America.

ECO Insulating Glass continues to grow in North America with our unique energy-saving products. We actively participate in “green” conferences, trade shows and are part of a growing group of volunteers who work with the Canada Green Building Council and the Ontario Building Envelope Council.